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PME Presentation: Leading successful transformation in turbulent environments

Understanding stress as a functional force for performance and wellness in human systems


OKINAWA, KADENA AFB, NOVEMBER 05, 2012 -- As part of the Kadena Air Base Professional Military Education program, Brent Duncan met with airmen on November 5, 2012 to discuss strategies for leading change in dynamic environments, and methods for fostering adaptability to enhance human performance and wellness in changing environments. 
During the first segment the class focused on understanding the fundamentals of organizational behavior, considering the influence culture has a human and organizational effectiveness, and comparing strategies for leading change in humans and human systems. 
During the second segment, the class focused on managing change-associated stress to foster adaptability and reslience in dynamic environments. Duncan compared historical and contemporary perspectives on stress, discussed traditional and emerging research that illuminates stress as a functional force, and introduced a dynamic interactive adaptability model for tapping stress as a functional force for performance, growth, adaptability, and wellness in dynamic human systems. 
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Following are the slides and notes for "Leading successful transformation in turbulent environments: