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About compiles and publishes research on human development with a focus on developing adults in higher education environments. We invite dialog with other learners to explore strategies for extending creative longevity and enhancing wellness through perpetual learning. Key areas explores include the following: developmental psychology, dynamic interactive adaptability, adult learning and motivation, organizational studies, social psychology, systems and chaos theory, and persistence studies.

About Dr. Brent Duncan

Dr. Brent Duncan is College Campus Chair for the University of Phoenix School of Business Asia Military Campus, delivering management education to military personnel and families throughout Japan, Korea, and Guam. He holds a PhD in Human Development, with a specialty in adult development in higher education, a masters in Human Development and Organizational Systems, a masters in Management, and a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations.

Professionally, Brent has developed marketing programs, web-based business generation systems, and employee development functions for companies in the property management, financial services, and high tech industries through his consulting business, He has built and directed strategic management, integrated marketing, employee development, and communications functions for Honeywell, Westinghouse, Cleanscape Software International, and First United Bank.

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